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You can place an order using the Contact Us page by putting the quantity, size and scent choice into the box.  I will send you an invoice via email with the full amount owing and the information to remit payment to my PayPal account unless you prefer to send a money order - postal or bank issued. 
Once funding has cleared, your order will ship.
Sorry, no personal checks accepted at this time.  Thanks!
Cole's Candles can fill your "pods" from a competitor for $4.50 each!  Just supply the pods and the scents you wantWe'll do the rest!

                    Almond Cherry - Think Cherry Twizzlers 
Holiday -      Alpine Frost - 
                    Amaretto Coffee -
                    Apple Cider
Holiday -      Autumn Spice -
                    Baked Apple - Just like the old Home Interiors!
Holiday -      Banana Nut Bread - Hot and fresh from the oven
Holiday -      Bayberry - Just in time for the Holidays
                    Black Canyon - 
                    Black Cherry – Absolutely yummy
                    Blackberry Sage
                    Blueberry - Fresh picked!
                    Buttered Popcorn - 
                    Chocolate Raspberry -
Holiday -      Christmas Hearth -  
                    Cinnamon/Apple Spice -
                    Cinnamon Buns - 
Limited -      Citronella - Keeps bugs at bay! - 
                    Coffee House - 
                    Crabapple - 
Holiday -      Cranberry -
                    Cucumber Melon - A fresh mix of cukes and honeydew
                    Fireball – Just like the candies
                    First Rain
                        French Country Herbs/Bayberry
                    Fresh Cut Grass – mowed today!
                    Fresh Linen - Laundry fresh off the clothesline
Holiday -      Frosty Pines - 
                    Georgia Peach - Almost dripping the juice, it's so fresh!
Holiday -      Gingerbread - Just like Grandma's
Holiday -      Gingerbread Pumpkin - 
                    Grandma’s Kitchen - Can you smell the crust, nuts, sugar,                       spices and bubbling hot fruit? 
Holiday -      Grandma's Swingin' Eggnog - Eggnog with just the right                         amount of Rum
                    Granny's Green Apples - A sour green apple
                    Honeydew Melon - Pale green and delicious
Holiday -      Hot Cocoa - A steaming mug of cocoa in a candle!
                    Jamaican Breeze – Tropical and inviting 
                    Key Lime Pie - Sweet & tangy, all rolled into one
                    Lavender - A nice relaxing scent
                    Lemon - Invigorating citrus, fresh and clean 
                    Lemon Lime - Great Summer Scent
                    Lilac - Fresh picked in the spring 
                    Lily-of-the-Valley – Great Spring flower
                    Macintosh Apple – Just like biting into a freshly picked                             Mac! 
                    Maple Syrup
                    Marshmallow - Like sticking your nose into a jar of Fluff
                    Mountain Lake - 
Holiday -      Mulberry - Another Home Interiors scent
                    Orange - Relaxing citrus
                    Patchouli - Flashback to the 60's
                    Pearberry - Comparable to a well-known bath products                           store
                    Peppermint Stick/Candy Cane
Holiday -      Pine - Think Spic n Span or Mr Clean
Holiday -      Praline - Just like when I was a kid!
Holiday -      Pumpkin Pie Spices
Holiday -
     Pumpkin Spice - Awesome Autumn scent
Holiday -
     Rocky Mountain Memories -
                    Rootbeer - Just needs the fizz 
                    Sage -
                    Spearmint - Leaves fresh picked and ready to dry
Holiday -      Spruceberry - A combo of Blue Spruce and berries          
                    Sugar Cookie - Warm from the oven 
                    Teak - Indescribable
                    Vanilla - Soft, creamy vanilla that smells good enough to                         eat!
                    Vanilla/Pumpkin Spice - Our take on a discontinued                                 popular brand
                    Warm Apple Fritter -
                    Welcome Home -

Tart/Melt for Warmers - 5.50 each
Tart/Melt for Warmers - 5.50 each
1 scent per container - Breaks into 6 cubes and can be used in any tea light warmer, electric warmer or potpourri pot.
Scented Lighthouse Votives - 6.50 each
Scented Lighthouse Votives - 6.50 each
Each lighthouse is 4.24" tall and made with 4 oz. of scented wax. Made in your choice of scent, with or without the unscented blue wax at the bottom depicting water.
2 Ounce Travel Tins - $4.50 each 4 Ounce Travel Tins - $6.50 each 6 Ounce Travel Tins - $8.50 each Filled with your choice of scent.
2 Ounce Travel Tins - $4.50 each 
4 Ounce Travel Tins - $6.50 each 
6 Ounce Travel Tins - $8.50 each
Filled with your choice of scent
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